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The internet gaming community has responded to Limbo of the Lost with an outpouring of images, animation, and new memes. This pages represents a minor collection of them.


  • A YTMND was created that shows a personal ad posted by Captain Briggs, looking for an earthly guide.
  • A Rock Paper Shotgun poster named Malphigian created this flash animation about which he says, "It’s taken 15 long years, and a good bit of foresight to predict the creation of Flash, but I can now present my wholly original work Limbo of the Misguided."
  • Rock Paper Shotgun ran a contest wherein the participants were to insert Captain Briggs into other games - Compo Of The Lost Gallery
  • A Fyrebug game has Briggs and Nilsmate having a game of pong
  • Some "fanart" of the game from DeviantART
  • A fully-voiced "demake" parody game by Noyb called Macarena of the Missing


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