Some of the art the developers have shown was revealed as stolen (or copied) too. This concept art dates back to the 1990s, further proof that they were ripping things off even then.

D&D OrcEdit

You can see from this image comparison that the concept art for Grunger is nothing more than a trace-over of a detail from Clyde Caldwell's cover painting for the Dungeons&Dragons game accessory "The Orcs of Thar". The orc on the D&D cover is the same as Grunger, right down to the head he's stepping on (which ultimately became Edd The Head in LotL). Grunger looks completely different ingame.



The concept art of the "Keep of Lost Souls" is also copied from Keith Parkinson's painting "Dragons of Desolation", originally commissioned for the cover of the Dragonlance role-playing game adventure of the same name, later the book "The Art of the Dragonlance Saga", and the computer role-playing game "Champions of Krynn". Comparison:


Dragon LoreEdit

The Shadow Knights from LotL's Concept Art look like the villain dragon knight Haagen von Diakonov in the game "Dragon Lore". For example this one on the game's cover:



Cranny Faggot's Concept Art looks very similar to Meg Mucklebones in the film "Legend".


Alone in the Dark 3Edit

The concept art of Masa is copied from the cover of Alone in the Dark 3.

Alone in the Dark 3 Cover

Unknown originsEdit

Sketches with unknown origin, help is desired.


Comments on Youtube suggested this may be a talking character from the Fallout series, however this is impossible as this image was published in an Amiga magazine 2 years before the original Fallout came out.


Some artwork of Frodo or Bilbo Baggins, maybe?

This actually looks like something from a 2nd Edition AD&D book. I'm not sure which one, but it does look familiar.

Its from the cover of the Forgotten Realms novel Waterdeep. See


Following the comments on Youtube, this may be a character portrait from Baldur's Gate or Icewind Dale.


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