Dungeon Master 3D was another project started by Steve Bovis, the lead designer of LotL, in 2004. It was intended to be "A remake of the venerable Dungeon Master with lots of new things, including the eye candy."

Background and legal issuesEdit

It is unknown whether Bovis had legal right to use the Dungeon Master license. Dungeon Master was both developed and published by FTL Games in 1987. FTL Games ceased operations in 1996, and the exact financial circumstances of its demise are difficult to find, but it is likely that the Dungeon Master license would still be owned by the principals of FTL Games or whomever purchased their assets.

There is an article and gallery related to this project on RPGcodex. The original homepage is gone, however.

Forum posting by Steve Bovis threatening legal action against another Dungeon Master remake ... for copyright violation. Later on in the same thread he states "Copyright theft is NOT a game."

Homepage from the Wayback Machine. Most of the page is fairly standard. Highlights:

  • The tagline "FORGET REALITY SURRENDER TO YOUR DARKEST DREAMS" at about 2/3rds down the page. This tagline is shared by LotL.
  • Credits:
    • Project Director / Lead Artist..........................Steve Bovis
    • Lead Programmer / Systems Designer...........??? Please Apply.
    • DTP / Contract & Media Manager....................Lisa Highsted
  • There is a lengthy description of the proposed "Prologue" cinematic. The quality is about what you've come to expect from Majestic Studios. It reads like a piece of amateur fanfic. Excerpt: "AAAAAAGGGGHHH!!!", Theron screams as he holds his arms up in defence.

Limbo of the Lost ConnectionEdit

This project is of note to the LotL research community since not only is the project lead the same person, but the screenshots for the game appear to use art that was also used in LotL. The particular art elements that the two games share have not yet been confirmed to have been plagiarized, however.

In the images below, you can see that the same skulls are being used. No source has been found for these skulls as of yet.

Limbo of the Lost
Dungeon Master 3D